Bespoke Builds

Bespoke Water Systems

At Prestige Water we will seek to find the right solution for you, our customer. Whether you are in need of a combined Softener/RO package or Cyclonic Separator with built in PLC. We design, manufacture and install bespoke water treatment and filtration equipment to suit your requirements.

Are you looking to collect and re-use rainwater or simply looking to reduce the amount of waste water discharged to drain?

Given the rise in energy costs, businesses are looking to save costs where they can. In most cases any steam boiler will benefit by the installation of a reverse osmosis plant to treat the boiler feed water. Anticipated paybacks were originally within the first year, but since the increase in energy this has been cut drastically and we can now see a ROI over a few months.

Why do I need one?

Very often the customer needs to purchase a combination of pre-treatment plant to achieve their technical objectives and may have access/space problems.

There may be a lack of qualified personnel capable of building and installing the plant on site.

When would I use it?

Anywhere where there is a technical compromise, perhaps in a basement or where the plant has to be built up on site. PWEL is flexible enough to cope with these sorts of situations.

An industrial application may start with a break tank and booster pump to ensure compliance with local byelaws or potential pressure issues. Pre-treatment plants such as a softener or RO can also be supplied skid mounted with all the interconnecting pipework to ensure a speedy installation.

Our Bespoke Systems cover all aspects of the design and build associated with the project.

We can carry out a free site survey to assess your requirements, and can produce CAD or 3D SolidWorks drawings detailing the proposed layout of the new plant. If you already have an existing system in place, we can either look to modify this or de-commission any redundant equipment prior to either its removal from site or mechanical and electrical isolation.


The installation of a complete non-standard system built to your requirements with no compromises.


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