Booster Pumps

Booster Pumps


PWEL design and supply a range of Grundfos booster pumps to provide water to meet any system requirements.

We can also provide break tanks if required or you may be able to connect to any existing system (please see break tank data).

Inverter Driven Pressure Booster Pumps

The booster pump sets are inverter controlled via a pressure sensor in the booster pump outlet. In operation whenever there is a call for water the pressure in the line falls and the pressure sensor starts the booster pump and water flows. When the call for water ceases the pumps continue to run and pressurise the line until it reaches the upper set point in the pressure sensor.

The pump sets may be supplied loose or as a skid –mounted package of Grundfos pump, and control panel with mains isolation.

All duplex pump sets are skid mounted and include for pump selection switch and auto-changeover in the event of a pump failure.

The pumps are designed to provide the required output within the pressure range of 2 – 4bar.

Skid Mounted Package

When the pump sets are supplied skid mounted each pump will have its own isolating and non-return valves.

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