FilterBlue Housings

The FilterBlue housing is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic and has been developed to contain ‘filstar’ filter cartridges.

The FilterBlue housings offer:

  • High flow rates
  • High pressure operations
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Easily replaceable cartridges.

The filter cartridges are available as either depth or pleated type and with a rating of 1 to 50 micron.

Stainless Steel Cartridge and Bag Housings

We supply a range of stainless-steel filter housings for cartridge and bag applications. Offering single cartridge to multi-round cartridge / bag housings there is a product for every application.

Our multi-cartridge housings are supplied with a universal cup that allows either 222 (code 3 EG and code 8 EH) or DOE filters to be fitted to the same housing.

VB series housings use a V-band clamp lid sealing mechanism and are suitable for price sensitive

SB Series housings feature a cast lid with integral hinge mechanism, and swing bolt fixings to ensure a positive seal. Suitable for higher pressure applications SB housings are engineered to provide many years of reliable service.

DL series housings feature a davit lift lid raising mechanism making opening and closing the housing easy and safe. DL series housings are available in multi-bag and multi–cartridge configurations.

TL series housings feature a cast lid with swan neck inlet configuration, integral hinge assembly and swing bolt fixings for a positive seal. Because the lid sits directly on the sealing ring of the filter bag the chance of bypass is greatly reduced.

TL series housings are designed to give many years of reliable service.

TL Series are only available for size 1 and 2 filter bags.

FP3 Standard Plastic Housing

The filter housings are a three-piece design to facilitate easy exchange of the cartridge filter element, with the filter head & retaining clamps being manufactured from polypropylene and the filter bowl from Styrene Acrylonitrile.

  • 10” & 20” options, as well as large diameter 20″.
  • The filter bowl may be supplied as opaque or transparent.
  • Tested to operate for over 200,000 cycles from 0-10 bar.
  • Supplied with/without a wall bracket for 1 or 2 filters and a spanner.

RO Membrane Housings

PWEL can supply reverse osmosis membrane housings manufactured completely from glass reinforced epoxy resin. The membrane pressure vessels are suitable for multiples of either 4” or 8” membranes and pressure up to 1200PSI.

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