Pure Water for Process

Pure Water

Pure Water for Process

Many manufacturing processes require high purity water.

In the engineering industry, following machining a cast part, is often cleaned in ultra-sonic baths and subsequently rinsed in clean pure water. Again, as with the electronics industry any minerals in the water will be left behind on the metal surface. This can interfere with subsequent finishing processes such anodising.



Finally, the pharmaceutical industry requires high purity water particularly with respect to bacteriological contamination as well as mineral contamination.

In most cases the use of a reverse osmosis plant to reduce the minerals from the water has the added advantage of removing any bacterial contamination as well.

A reverse osmosis membrane is also a 0.001micron filter.

A typical pure water system will comprise of a either a softener or a chemical dosing system, a reverse osmosis plant (possibly twin pass in high purity scenarios) and UV final disinfection.

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